Galaxy Tab 10.1 FAQ

Here’s an FAQ for all things Galaxy Tab 10.1 root related:

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65 Responses to Galaxy Tab 10.1 FAQ

  1. Kuky says:

    Hi guys,

    I went through all update to 4.0.4, cwm & root. Everything was fine.
    But when I enter setting –> security –> tick on Remote controls –> error message & force stop.

    Any recommendation?


    • admin says:

      Could be a bug on ics. Did u try factory reset?

      • Kuky says:

        Nope, because my tab restarted normally. I didn’t have to wipe. Could be that problem? Too many apps to be re-installed if I reset.

        • Kuky says:

          Ok, I wiped data and that error has gone.
          However, after wiping all my files are still there (i.e Dowload folder, Picture folder…), only apps went away.

          • admin says:

            You have to back them up with Titanium Backup beforehand, sorry if I didn’t tell u this, you can still re-install apps from Play Store.

  2. anwar says:

    guys i have a big question i am acquiring my tabet very soon and i wanted to ask what would be better use ics or go with starburst is there anything good about staying on ics or anything bad for going starbust??

    • admin says:

      I would go with ICS or Jelly Beans. 3.2 is a bit old now.

      • anwar says:

        dude another noob question wtf is this root key people are talking about like after you root your tablet you still have to get the root key ? i would apreciate the help bro

  3. Dominicano85 says:

    Having issues with the update, odin is stucked on SetupConnection.. any sugestions? thanks advance

  4. anwar says:

    dude i heard samsung released the ics kernel files does that mean that new fully functional ics and jelly bean Roms are coming??

  5. RG says:

    Hi, thanks for all the useful tutorial.

    I have a galaxy tab7500 10.1 rooted with oc kernel @ 1.4ghz.

    Yesterday, I have flash it with stock rom ics 4.0.3. Had rooted using twrp. But it is now running @ 1ghz.

    Is there a oc kernel for ics. 4.0.3?

  6. mila says:

    Could you please help I bought a new galaxy tab 2 1o.1 but cannot get flash adobe on it, eventhough it is sells as adobe flash capability please let me know what I need to do to download it? Thank you so much

  7. rg says:

    Sorry. it should be Ics 4.0.4…..any PC kernel for ics? Can previous PC kernel be used?

  8. rg says:

    Man!!! Stupid autocorrect. I mean OC

  9. brent says:

    Upgraded my tab 10.1 (7510) to ics using OTA. Everything went fine but I can’t look at any videos online. What should I do?

  10. Shawn Meissner says:

    I just rooted to Jellybean and I am up able to see my tablet when it is hooked to my PC. I am also unable to connect a memory stick to to via the Samsung usb connector. Does anyone know why?

    I have the 7510

  11. Mohamed Samir says:

    please i want to install ICS on my galaxy TAB 10.1 p7500 and the camera and camcoder and USB disk drive is very important to me

    so please could you send me the correct room to install ICS with camera and camcoder supported

  12. RG says:

    Hi, have had my GTab 10.1 P7500 update to stock ICS ROm, rooted with A1 KErnel. Simply love the performance.

    Gtab 2 has the phone function. Just wondering if there is a firmware mode to make Gtab P7500 to have the Phone function.

    Is it possible?

  13. anwar says:

    hey i recently flshed cm10 and i couldnt help but notice the samsung mini apps are not there anymore i loved the task manager it was the best is there any way to get it back?

  14. pompoboi says:

    hi, i was just wondering. Ive been using the stock ics os for quite some time now and im noticing it isnt really that fast, is the cm10 rom faster than the ics rom? What rom are you using? What setup, i mean as to kernel and rom, works best as to speed. And is there a cm10 with working cam?

  15. kevin says:

    Hey need some help here.
    Somehow I managed to delete everything on my 10.1 wifi but odin still works anyone know where I can find a odin rom to install or any other ideas thanks kevin aka dumdass lol

  16. jason says:

    I am having trouble rooting my 10.1. I flash recovery-cwm_4.0.0.4 to the tab using Odin3_v1.85 with no problem. But when i try to boot into CWM to root, it doesnt boot into CWM it boots into the verizon recovery mode. Thanks for any haelp.
    (direct links to any downloads would be appriceated)

  17. priyank says:

    Hi… I have a tab 10.1 wi fi only, GT P7510.
    The think is that now i am not able to use my google play app. When i try to open, the screen greys out and says loading and after sometime it says connection time out.

    Please help out.

    Also tried to reset, but no use, still the same problem. To make it worse lost all the apps that were installed. Can you help me. Will rooting help?

  18. Elson David says:

    Hi team…….. I have a big problem and i try almoust everything but without results. I tryed to root my tab with Odin3_v1.85 and Odin3 v3.04 to apply the recovery file but i can’t get connection…
    I have a :
    Galaxy Tab “1” 10.1 3g & WiFi
    model: GT-P7100
    Android version : 4.0.4
    Kernel version: 3.1.10,
    any solution?
    Great regards.

  19. ISRAEL GUZMAN says:

    I forgot the unlock pattern, and i tried so many times, but now the system is asking for a pin is it possible to retreive the system after a hard reset?

    Thank you

  20. Ben says:

    Installed Clockwork Mod on Tab 10.1 and created a back up file but didn’t root. Was experiencing a rolling screen while in recovery. Downloaded and installed the bootloader.tar.md5 fix which solved the issue. However, now I get a rolling screen every time the Tab comes on by itself, i.e. alarm clock, plugging in power cord ect. Can anyone help??

  21. juice says:

    hi guys.. quick question. I did my updated in my tab p7510. root it, and install the custom rom jelly bean in my tab, works great and I thank you guys for that.. just wonderind, can you still go back to you original ice cream sandwich? and how would you do it? thanks alot, I will apreciate the answer..

    • juice says:

      Try the hard reset a few times and the jelly bean ROM that I installed keeps running when it boots up.. how can I do it.? Thanks.

  22. juice says:

    I try the hard reset a few times and the same jelly bean ROM that installed keeps running up,, can I do it,.? Thanks

  23. Feledor1 says:

    How can i overclock my galaxy tab on 4.0.4 and can i flash all of these roms with rom manager???

  24. Ash says:

    Hey guys,

    I downloaded the official 4.0.4 for my GT-P7500 from samsung site and when i did that there was a button named UNLOCK, what does unlocking the ROM mean ? and is there anyway to backup the current official samsung ROM with it’s installed apps (not those i installed, i can back them up using titanium) from on my GT-P7500 so if i don’t like 4.0.4 i go back to it…

    Thanks so much, BTW ur site rocks :))

  25. natassa says:

    yesterday my galaxy tab 10.1 inch series GT-P7500 runout from batteries. then this morning i charged it for couple hours but it refused to power on, help me please

  26. Julirose says:

    hi, where can I download all the needed software to root my tab?

  27. Klaus says:


    I have installed the new cvm for the 10.1 3G. I made the upgrade from the 4.0.4. How long will it take to have the Rom full installed /registering the programs from the old one)?

    Is there any solution for running NTFS etxFAT? and what do I Need to do to solve the running screen after I took it out of the black screen?



  28. Patrick says:

    OK, I guess I’ve wiped my backup and system…as well as the gapps and 4.2.2 zip i placed on my p7510. I’m in TWRP and there isn’t anything left. TWRP works fine. When I try to reboot it goes to the first screen with just the battery, and it doesn’t load/flash green. So it seems everything is gone. Unfortunately I can’t see the device in Windows (when I placed the two .zip on it earlier it was loaded into the regular samsung system) but since I can’t get into the system because there isn’t one, how do I see it on my laptop to put the .zip on the tablet so I can install them? Is it bricked?

  29. Edgardo says:

    Hey how can I root my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 ics p7510 without a computer or on Mac

  30. Jabran says:

    Can someone please help me with this rooting/rom stuff? Break it down for me. I want to install a custom rom on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. It’s the infected ROM to be specific. What are the exact steps on how to get this rom? That is all I am asking for. Someone please help me!! I have been searching every where on the internet for instructions on how to download a custom ROM on the Tab 2 10.1 but their arent any! Atleast not for N00bs!!

  31. Yazir Arafath says:

    I have a GT-P7510 (WiFi Only) with the following specs.
    Android -3.2
    Kernel – se.infra@SEP-92 #1
    Build – HTJ85B.ZCLA1 P7510ZCLA1

    Can I install P7510UELPL_XABLPL_USA_Android_4.0.4 on to this device?

    Any quicker response would be appreciated.

  32. Aaron Richardson says:

    I have a galaxy tab “2” 10.1 P5113 and i am having NO LUCK what so ever on how to UNROOT it i am trying to sell it and i dont want to sell it with it being rooted. So if someone can please help me out ASAP with what i need to download and what i have to do to unroot the galaxy tab 2 10.1 that would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Ethan Harrison says:

    What about the AT&T I497 any custom ROMs out there that work?

  34. John Gabriel says:

    Please, I need to root my Galaxy Tab 2 Wi-Fi (P5113) and I broke my USB cable. I don’t have money to buy a new one, so I need to Root the Tablet without PC. Can you help me? (Like: update from sd card, recovery mode)

  35. John Gabriel says:

    Please, I need to root my Galaxy Tab 2 Wi-Fi (P5113) and I broke my USB cable. I don’t have money to buy a new one, so I need to Root the Tablet without PC. Can you help me, please? (Like: update from sd card, recovery mode)

  36. zohan says:

    I have samsung tab 10.1 p750.
    Will it be safe to root my tab?

  37. marnick says:

    I want to root my galaxy tab 3 10.1 android 4.2.2 without pc for hacking games with gamecih what do i have to do, please help me

  38. marnick says:

    I tried it with poot.debug dropbox but when i open poo… it says that ministro can’t find all libraries???

  39. marnick says:

    Also do i have to enable USB debugging or unable it to work poot ?

  40. squirrel says:

    I have a samsung tab 10.1 gt-p7510 and i wanted to update to kitkat but i do not have an external sd card on my tab. How do i find the files when updating? I have them downloaded.

  41. Noor Febri says:

    hi, please review p7500 android lollipop 5.0 Unofficial from XDA

  42. Noud van Rijswijk says:


    I dont have an SD card slot, is there anyway around this? i tried using the USB stuck+adapter but that didnt work.
    (im not a tech man, so dont go to technical on me 😀 )

    Any solution?


  43. Rob says:

    Hi All just to let you all know that the Tab 10.1 is still being developped for i’ve just installed an AOSP version of Android 5.0.2 lollipop and every feature i use work perfect on it.

    go try it out

  44. Ed says:

    I haven’t seen “Admin” on this forum for a couple of years. Has he abandoned this board?

    Cheers =ED=

  45. Dan says:

    Just got back from China with a sm-t800 which there appears to be a little bit of support for. Will try giving it a root and see what happens *crosses fingers*

  46. Jimmy says:

    Hi. Is it any one can help me. The problem in my gt-7500 look like OS is gone 🙁 and I can’t instal new. I tray everything ( Odin 3, OTG conection with sd, cmd command)

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