CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.1.2][10/30]

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For those of you who want to upgrade to Jelly Bean ROM on your Galaxy Tab 10.1, there’s now Android 4.1.2 build of CM10 Jelly Bean ROM by XDA user pershoot.  After trying it out, I would have to say this build is near perfect in terms of running it on your Tab 10.1.

Out of the box, everything is working including bluetooth, Netflix, and even camera.  The camcorder also does work but is a bit laggy when starting/stopping video and recorded videos can be a bit dirty on the rear camcorder.  The front camcorder works just fine.

If taking videos with the rear camera is a necessity for you, then this is not the ROM for you.  But if you don’t mind that, this CM10 build is otherwise near flawless.

So, try it out over this weekend and let me know what you think!

Latest version built on 10/30/2012!

Known issues:

-A random flicker (it’s faint and fast) can be observed occasionally/infrequently. If this becomes a nuisance to you, this can be mostly alleviated by selecting ‘Disable HW overlays’ in Developer Settings. This does not survive a reboot (must be selected on every boot) and impacts swiping motion (it slows it down) in Trebuchet (the Launcher).
-P3: Signal bars on 3g data connection remain blank (connection type (i.e. H, H+, etc.) will show).
-P4*:A 720P recording, when played back, will have artifacts in the upper section of the image.
-Wallpaper will be shifted downward when applied.


Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 T-Mobile

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verizon

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1v

Download Gapps

To install, download the appropriate CM10 for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Gapps.

Re-boot into CWM recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot, that’s it!

Credits – XDA


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296 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.1.2][10/30]

  1. Len Kiat Leong says:

    I’m using GT-P7500 tab 3G+wifi model and downloaded CM for galaxy tab 10.1 3G from link provided. File size is 156,201Kb as reported by windows explorer. Copied to the tab and file size reported is 152.54Mb by file manager HD app.
    Using ROM manager, rebooted to recovery mode, done factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik.
    Then, install this latest rom. A few seconds later, error reported and installation failed.
    Luckily, it managed to reboot to previous rom.

    What must i do now? Is it the rom problem?

  2. sriabhi says:

    only one question before doing this today.

    i use otg for my tab, its my nessicity.
    wil it work after this upgrade.

  3. sriabhi says:

    wat is the version of cmw used.
    and, can this be done on watever rom im on.
    means, root access and rom, no matter. they wont effect this install???

  4. aqurry says:

    i waited so long to get this

  5. Michael says:

    My only question: i need 3g tethering. Does it work? And is it stable?

  6. Per says:

    I use the A1 kernel to overclock the processor with ICS according instruction on this site.
    What happens if I install the Jelly Bean? Does the A1 kernel work and can I overclock the processor with Jelly Bean?

  7. Jason says:

    Nice post, it’s awesome. Can you please give me the link to any page where we can check regularly for updates on the ROM?

    • Rob says:

      Under Settings => About Tablet => Cyanogen Mode Updates, you can check, download, install latest updates to this ROM.

  8. Mark Humphryes<