How to Make a USB Adapter for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Don’t want to spend $19.99 on Samsung’s official USB adapter? If you have some soldering skills, you can easily make your own USB adapter for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as this user pokey9000 at XDA has done.

How to Make a USB-host adapter for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

First, you will need a Samsung dock connector (if you want to make it look complete), you can get one for just $4.99 at Kineteka.

Second, get like 2 10K Ohm resistors (probably at Radio Shack), maybe like a dollar.

Third, you need the female end of a USB extension cable.

Fourth, you the pinouts outlined below:

Pinout here. With the connector plugged into the Tab, and the Tab oriented with the chat camera on top and the connector on bottom, pin 1 is to the left of the connector.

Chop off the plug end of the extender, separate out the wires, cut / strip / tin. Cut off the shield. Slide on the plastic shroud for the dock plug and a piece of heat shrink for strain relief. Don’t forget this or you’ll have to undo the whole thing (like I did). You might also want to cut thin heat shrink to go around each wire to protect it from shorting at the connector pins.

Solder the two resistors in series and put them between pins 13 and 15. This tells the Tab to go into OTG host mode. Be creative. Surface mount parts might be better here.


ground (black) to pin 1
green (D+) to pin 3
white (D-) to pin 4
red (+5V) to pin 6

Test this out before shrinking the pins by plugging into the Tab along with a USB key. If it works, you should get the message above.

Once it works, put the connector shield, spring clip, and shroud on.

Let us note that USB is nothing more than 4 wires and hence it shouldn’t cost $19.99 for the USB adapter when you can make it for much less as describe here.

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18 Responses to How to Make a USB Adapter for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. Raphael says:

    Is it possible to make this adapter using a usb cable (male)?

  2. Just a heads up, you should probably fit the word “Host” in the title/article somewhere as that is the operative term.

  3. James says:

    I think you should rotate the picture showing the connector open (with pliers) 180 so it reflects the written instructions.

  4. Adam says:

    Couldn’t you just buy a USB female to female adapter for around $1 on Amazon or eBay, and then use the cable that comes with the tab?

    • Luis says:

      I am interested in that question. Can anyone reply, please?

      • Kirk says:

        No because the pins are not setup for host mode on the cable that comes with it.

        “Solder the two resistors in series and put them between pins 13 and 15. This tells the Tab to go into OTG host mode. Be creative. Surface mount parts might be better here.”

  5. mircea1965 says:

    sorry. I make that, and work fine. I have another problem, though: I buy a female usb and the tab don’t recognize the content of my memory stick. The cable is good, it works with an mouse, for example. But not with my stick. It say, when plugged: “blank storage usb “. I have on the stick: .jpg file, .mp3 file, one empty folder, one word file.
    thanks for your advices, anyway.
    PS. I try both, with usb debug enable, and disable. No success.

  6. Ariful Islam says:

    Hey man, why on earth you are using two 10k resistors in series? Why don’t you just use one 20k resistor? WTF?

  7. Stuart says:


    I don’t mind buying another OTG cable, nor do I mind buying a cheap powered hub to let the Galaxy Tab I have work with “High power devices”, but, and here’s the snake in the grass?
    How can I charge my tablet at the same time?

    Can I mod an OTG cable to pour some juice back into the tablet?

    Don’t even get me started on the “Not Charging” symbol while the Tab is in use.

    And while we’re on a roll, does anyone know the other “Modes” that the tablet supports?
    IE Which resistor values produce which modes? (Specifically with the Note 10.1)

    • Carl says:

      I am investigating this as well. For a permanent installation of a few dozen tablets they need to support wired ethernet (via a USB-to-Ethernet dongle) but also be powered. I have seen no off-the-shelf splitters, so I may use Kinetica’s breakout board to split the power off to one connector and the rest of the pins to a normal USB port.

      Have you pursued something similar since you posted your message? If you found something to do power+USB at same time I’d like to know about it. thanks.

      • Kohai says:


        Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue with a custom application. I can’t provide external power via the docking connector and have the tab access external usb storage via the docking connector at the same time. Once power is provided, the usb storage gets disconnected.

  8. mkou says:

    Hi, i have the original usb cable, the one which you have one end that fits the 10.1 and the other end is the male usb jack. is it possible to make a USB OTG using that cable without ripping it off?.

  9. djdavies83 says:

    In theory yes, if you got the TAB’s end opened you could soldera resistor to pin 13 and if you can find a switch small enough solder that the 15 and the resistor to that, then you could switch OTG on/off and use that one cable, you would then need a plug on adaptor to make the other end of it female, I think just getting a 2nd cable would be easier then butchering the stock cable.

  10. Shyam says:

    With this method you OTG host mode.. can we connect a 3g Dongle so that external internal be used thro that?


  11. Shyam says:

    Meant to External *internet

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