AOKP ICS ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Wifi/3G/Verizon]

Want ICS on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 that’s stable with Netflix working? Well, that’s what I always wanted and the AOKP ICS ROM brings you exactly that. If you don’t mind having no camera/camcorder and not having USB disk drive, this could be an option for you until official ICS is available. Plus, it won’t be long before custom ICS ROMs will fix those minor issues.

AOKP ICS ROM brings you a ton of goodies like UI customizations, 1.4Ghz overclocking and more with its ROM Control settings and if you need ICS “right now”, give this ROM a try and let me know how it works for your Tab 10.1.

It’s also available in all flavors of Tab 10.1 including wifi, 3G, and Verizon so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Download ROM:

Download for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi

Download for Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G

Download for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verizon

Credits – XDA

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76 Responses to AOKP ICS ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Wifi/3G/Verizon]

  1. Tuyen says:

    Installed, amazing ROM. Only few problems, couldn’t open ROM control, some apps forced close 😐
    Doesn’t have Apps Market. But everything is FINE so far, looking 4ward for Final ROM.
    Anyway, Thanks man!

  2. jakayag says:

    really awesome!!

    u need latest gapps and have to flash the kernel also. then everything will work.

    greetings from germany

  3. Nick says:

    Cyanogenmod’s Google apps zip works flawlessly! Lovin the ROM!!!

  4. MIke says:

    Where is the google app .zip?

  5. neonymbus says:

    Gapps download for AOKP ICS can be found here

  6. jakayag says:


    sort by mod date and download the latest

  7. joe says:

    Can’t watch hulu event with hacked flash ans ua string on desktop

  8. Sekani says:

    I can’t find the music, video or a bunch of other apps after installing the ROM and Cyanogenmod’s Google apps zip. Any help???

  9. neonymbus says:

    I posted the link for the Google apps but when you post a link Max has to approve it, I guess to prevent spam or something. Just search in Google for

  10. youngmin says:

    Thanks man… I have an idea for my tab improvement from you…. however, I have tried to install overclock and Ics into my galaxy tab… there are some issues that the overclock isn’t working as 1.4 gh how in install appropreiately ? let me know plz

  11. Will says:

    Just installed the rom, looks great! One prob tho, it says my usb is debugging, but nothing shows up on my computer. Says device is ok, but cant access or see the folder. Any help?

  12. TylerDurden says:

    If install Flashplayer 11 form market …
    And when browsing with any browser, includes default OS …
    Have anyone problems with it ? … it’s crash about few open tabs (includes flash -> anim’s.. vidéo’s) ? …
    Than have to close and re-open browser ? (after a task-kill)

  13. alex says:

    There is no native file explorer. Maybe I am missing it but i see none.

  14. koben says:

    can camera & other’s work fine after use latest gapps??? response please. TQVM

  15. sherif says:

    i am unable to connect it to my wireless network
    it detect it normaly but it show nothing in the signal strings !!

  16. Morgan says:

    Is anyone having problems with Android Market/Play Store?! I Have 2 tabs both rooted one with honeycomb rom and other ICS Rom, both display “Server Error” when i try to load Android Market. I downloaded Play Store and installed on Honeycomb and still same error.

  17. yo momma says:

    Looks cool great concept not for the beginner that’s for sure, camera is shit on a tablet anyway but I like the flashlight is there a way 2 make that work I see it under rom control lock screen but have issues with that not a big deal but would be cool

  18. pieter says:

    why does my battery run down so quickly whith this rom?

  19. Leonard says:

    Anyone having problems with charging? It charges but doesnt increase even though i have charged it for a long time and its at 29%all the while

  20. eric says:

    I installed this and love it. Fast, stable and can over clock. Only issue is no market so I can’t get flash or other maps.

    • neonymbus says:

      You have to install gapps to get the market. Anytime you flash a cyanogenmod you have to install google apps seperately. Almost everytime you download the rom there will be a link right beside it that says gapps. you have to be careful you read the instructions because all gapps dont work for all roms. The link for the gapps for this rom are posted in the comments near the top of this page.

  21. leonard says:

    how do you play videos ? what player is the best?

  22. chris says:

    This is the most awesome mod I’ve used. No problems at all. Everything I love is baked in. CPU settings, customize appearance, etc. Battery lasts for days! I’m at 37% and haven’t charged in 5 days. I wish there was a mod like this for my skyrocket!

  23. Mac says:

    cant get it to USB storage mode.. any help??

    • alex says:

      If you mean connecting the tablet to a pc then simply go to settings – storage and touch the icon you’ll see on the top-right corner of the screen. However, if you want to use EXTERNAL storage then you have to install file expert from the market.

  24. FuZ says:

    Does anyone having problems with the boot up ??
    I installed the gapps then the rom …. now my tab is hanging in the boot ??? need help!

  25. cellobjr says:

    Is it just me, or does the sensitivity seems off?

  26. ogi says:

    It is nog possible to use a USB flashdrive on this Rom right ??

  27. simple5 says:

    Has anyone tried to tether via Bluetooth? I am having trouble connecting i already got them paired but still can’t get thru the web any ideas??

  28. johnny says:

    I cannot upload my apps from the Android Market. I can see all them but there is no link to install.
    Please advise.


    • Johnny says:

      I have also tried transferring my files from my phone to my Tablet via Bluetooth File Transfer, and still not working…

  29. Peter says:

    hi, this rom the best rom. very fast and nice. i have just one problem; i installed g-apps but browser does’nt work. wichone cernel i need? thanks

  30. Johnny says:

    Okay! I flashed the Gapps zip file found under the ICS CM9 ROM and now this AOKP ICS ROM runs like a charm!!! One exception, I keep getting Force Close on Exchange Email for some reason…Otherwise, I now see all of my Android Apps that I could not see below.I will stick with this ROM until the next ICS ROM comes out. By the way, I ran Quadrant and clocked in at 3300!!!

  31. lenard says:

    My tab hangs when it is booting. Any help?

    • Avery says:

      Did you clear dalvik cache is clockwork mod recovery under advanced settings? That happened to me also. Once I cleared dalvik cache, worked perfect.

  32. FuZ says:

    Everything ok !! Tryed it again and loaded the newest GApps down …. now everything OK!
    THX to all for Help

  33. Ethan says:

    hey i really like this rom! but i have one problem, I don’t have a native youtube app so every time i want to get on youtube i have to get on my browser. it isn’t a huge inconvenience, i was just wondering if this is normal? thanks!

  34. fuz says:

    Does anyone know why the internetspeed is so slo? On tab 500-600kb on handy 5mbit

  35. Johnny says:

    I like this ROM and everything is working except Exchange Email for my job! Has anyone else had this problem?

  36. Joseph says:

    why the camera dosent work?

  37. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Crash, crash crash, crash, crash crash crash, and then crash again, and for a real change of pace, crash some more. That’s after updating that Gapps thing. No idea why, and it was stable until three days ago. What he heck is going on?

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      Wait, got confused. That was with a different rom than this. Trying this now. My apologies everyone.

  38. Pyro3k says:

    Using Milestone 5 with no problems other than the known ones. Netflix works great, Skype works. Still waiting for Camera and REALLY wish someone would get a working 3G Phone for ICS working. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    • Pieter says:

      I have also milestone 5, but internet modem is slow in compering with Overcome 10.1 Series v2.3.1 for example. Do you know where I find other modems or a list where they compare the different modems?

  39. Syra says:

    so I have a bit of a strange situation. I have recently acquired a VerizonWireless Samsung Tablet 10.1 but I live in Canada and I would not like it to use roaming data. My Brother in law rooted it with CMW (it’s his) and has been unsuccessful in flashing CM9 rom on it.
    I’ve tried 2 different AOKP roms, both the 3g and the wifi one but both times once the ROM boots, it brings me to an ‘activation’ screen and it then looks for connection to Verizon. My issue is that I would like to bypass this whole ‘activation’ situation as it will not be able to connect to Verizon from here anyhow and I want to use only WIFI for now.

    Any hints/ideas? Any idea if this is even possible?!

    Cheers from Toronto!

  40. Hadret says:

    I have some bluetooth issues with attaching external keyboard, anybody else experiencing similar troubles?

  41. oceanhiew says:

    this version have mobile network………………………………………because i already install cm9 but cannot use internet buy mobile network……..and camare also cannot work……

  42. winsaki says:

    is camera work fine or anything not working?

  43. winsaki says:

    is everything work fine?

  44. joe says:

    will this ROM work on the tmobile version of the galaxy tab 10.1??

  45. Marcel says:

    Wiffi doesnt work , I don’t no why

  46. sherif khalifa says:

    am not able to make by sim card working
    the tab dosn’t feel it at all

  47. saili.calvin says:

    Is there an update for this ROM? everything works for me on my Gtab wifi, but everytime the lock screen comes on it kills my wifi connection, so I have to re-enable it everytime I unlock it. Anyone got a fix?

  48. JerryP says:

    Not that this solves it for you but my wifi connection couldn’t be better. Once my tablet has found a wifi connection it finds the strongest one every time and it stays found. My phone can be a hotspot and if I turn that on the tablet just goes right to it. As I mentioned earlier, when I installed I did the wipe data/factory reset in recovery which fixed the startup problem. If I had your problem, having done the wipe data/factory reset in recovery step, I might try a third party wifi manager.

    btw, I’d like to see an update too to get the camera working. Samsung just pushed out ICS to the Galaxy S II so maybe the tablet will be next.

  49. Marcel says:

    Everyting works now , Only the standard browser fails after a few minutes surfing.
    The browser stops and i get a message stop or wait. Now i using Opera mini but that is not a perfect browser. I hope somebody can help to fix this problem.

    Manny thanks

  50. ryan says:

    How do you get flash to work it doesnt show up in the market ????? please help

  51. Johnny says:

    I also have not been able to stream videos…please help!

    • Ryan Flannery says:

      I got it…download the uc browser and go to a site that requires flash…it will let you download it from there…exit out and go into your apps and choose flash player and click update and it worked for me.hope that helps

  52. Mattyjonez says:

    Guys I ve installed the rom and latest GApps “worked” great.. was on youtube it crashed and since has been freezing at the unlock stage…
    tried rebooting….no luck
    tried reinstalling the rom it updated the apps but same problem freezing and rebooting.
    tried doing a factory restore but the load bar didnt fill so didnt complete and just rebooted itself again.
    my computer isnt recognising the the tablet so im running out of ideas
    any help guys would be appreciated….

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