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Android 4.4.4 + Root for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Omni]

If you are still on ICS or Jelly Bean with your Galaxy Tab 10.1, it’s probably the time to consider updating to latest Android 4.4.4 + root.

For this purpose, you can try Omni ROM, which is closest custom ROM you will find to stock Android 4.4.4.

Also, Omni ROM brings several features to the table including customization options for your status bar, quick settings, navigation bar, Power Menu, and some more. You will also find Active Display, OmniSwitch, and some more.

For tweaking performance, you can use Omni ROM’s built-in Performance menu to overc

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How to Install KitKat ROM on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

For those of you who want to install KitKat ROMs like Android 4.4.2, 4.4.3, or 4.4.4, you will need to update your CWM or TWRP recovery to CWM version or higher OR TWRP v2.6.3.3 or higher.  Otherwise the KitKat ROM will give you a status 7 error and not install.

In this video tutorial, I show you how to install KitKat ROM on Galaxy Tab 10.1 by installing the latest version of TWRP.

Pretty easy to do, here’s the files you need to download:


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CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 2! [Android 4.2.2]

CM10.1 ROM with Android 4.2.2 is here for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 2 Android tablets.

CM10.1 ROM is now an official build, meaning its more stable than ever and officially supported by the CyanogenMod Team.

The latest Android 4.2.2 brings additional stability and added performance to your Tab 10.1 and Tab 2.

The latest CM10.1 ROM gives you everything you wanted to know about Android 4.2.1 with Android 4.2 camera (sorry, Photo Sphere is not included), 4.2 GMail, and some more.

If you haven’t tried CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 yet, definitely give it a go

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CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.2.1]

Looking for the latest Android 4.2.1 ROM on your Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Well, CM10.1 ROM built by Pershoot is pretty solid, I’ve heard some good things about it and it runs rather smooth for an unofficial build (although this will become official real soon).

With the latest Android 4.2.1 ROM, you will be able to turn your Tab 10.1 into a full-fledged Google Android device with support for lockscreen widgets and multi-user login just like a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

I still use my Tab 10.1 quite often. Even though it’s been out for awhile now, I think Tab 10.1

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How to Enable Netflix on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

For those of you on Starburst ROM, did you know you can enable Netflix?  Simply download a file browsing app like ES File Manager off the Market, browse to System/app directory and open Netflix-Rotation- to re-install Netflix!


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How to Enable AdHoc WiFi on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Want to tether your Galaxy Tab 10.1 to your AdHoc WiFi on Android smartphone?

You can by rooting your Tab 10.1 and installing a wifi module that supports AdHoc.

Full directions on How to Enable AdHoc Wifi on Android tablets over at AndroidTabletHacks.com

This also works on any Android tablet device.

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StarBurst ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

I just played with Starburst ROM all night long last night and I have to say this is probably the best and fastest ROM for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s based on the latest TouchWiz UX ROM minus the bloatware and speed additions.

My browser used to lag when I had Google Music on and browsed Facebook desktop version but after installing this ROM, all of the lag is completely gone. I’ve also gotten speeds near 2200 on Quadrant, which is much better than stock.

Download ROM here:

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Touchwiz UX ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

For those of you who want to try out the new Touchwiz UX ROM for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, you don’t have to unroot device then apply the OTA update because there’s already a rooted Touchwiz UX ROM I have been enjoying for weeks already. If you have a rooted Tab 10.1, my advice is always wait and install a rooted version of the latest OTA update as it WILL be available.

I actually installed this ROM without knowing this was the actual OTA update but I guess some developers got hands on it weeks before.

You can download the ROM here:

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How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1 the Easy Way! [Honeycomb/ICS]

There’s a newer, easier method to root your Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead the old method.

This one is pretty simple.

First, you will need Windows computer. If you don’t have one, borrow a Windows laptop from your friend or family member.

Second, make sure you’ve installed Galaxy Tab 10.1 Windows drivers. (Download it here)

Third, put your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into ODIN download mode by holding down both Power Button and

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How to Stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

For those of you who want to stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you no longer have to deal with the error message saying your device isn’t supported.

By installing a modified version of Flash Player 10.1 and setting your browser’s UA string to “Desktop”, now you can stream Hulu on your Tab 10.1 any time you want.

How to Stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

First, download the modified Flash Player 10.3 here:


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