Galaxy Tab OTG USB/SD Card Adapter Review! [Tab 10.1/8.9/7.7/7Plus]

Looking for a good OTG cable plus ability to read SD cards on your Galaxy Tab device?

You can spend $20-30 on authentic Samsung products or get a cheap OTG USB/SD Card adapter like I did, which does more for less.

This Galaxy Tab OTG USB/SD Card adapter is very flimsy but gets the work done. You can read SD cards/USB flash drivers, connect USB devices, and a whole lot more.

If you don’t have one, get one on Amazon for under $10.

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26 Responses to Galaxy Tab OTG USB/SD Card Adapter Review! [Tab 10.1/8.9/7.7/7Plus]

  1. Austen says:

    Yay! exactly what i wanted, but didnt want to spend $30. just ordered one. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Susan says:

    I recently bought this item. I used it one time and now my tablet isn’t reading it at all.
    Not sure if it’s a defective device or something with my tablet. My guess is it is the reader.

    • David Dodson says:

      Same happened to me. I have experience in repairing electronic devices and discovered when I disassembled it the was a couple of poor solder connections and one that did not even make a connection. You get what you pay for. Also I learned when connecting it to your device it needs to have what ever your reading already plugged into the reader before it is inserted to the tablet.

  3. Idris says:

    Have you tried the mini switch at the side? It switches between USB and Card reading mode. I nearly wanted to return it until I looked at it closely and found the switch. It’s so tiny (about 1-2mm in size).

  4. John Elam says:

    Got mine. Does not work as delivered. Opened the case and played around. On my unit pins 27 & 29 are un-soldered. Messing with my knife blade I can get my the reader to work. Do not know the pin outs so I have no idea what I am doing and can’t make it work even with just one touch. Just know that messing around makes it work. Never did get the USB side to work.

  5. Almir Fiorio says:

    im have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7510! im can use a usb modem 3g with this OTG?

  6. zulfadli says:

    Can someone explain me how to use otg connection.I had tried so many time but still not working….

  7. Kevin says:

    What happened to you.
    Why you erased all of your Yuotube videos.
    I’m a big fan of you.

  8. Great reader i use it all the time and its worth its money.

  9. Romain Clément says:

    Does this product work with a Galaxy Note 10.1, has a power supply port and accept memory capacity over 32 gb instea of this from Samsung?

  10. Johannes says:

    Does this connector also work with the 7″ Galaxy Tablet P1000?
    I tried, but nothing appears on the screen – neither with the SD-card nor with an USB-stick.

  11. yahya says:

    i have one this otg connection but its still not working on my galaxy note 10.1…why?wheter need some application installed to use this tool?

  12. Sue says:

    I can get so far with one of these – copying the photos on my camera sd card – but don’t know how to paste them into the tablet (new Tab 2 7.0 running Jelly bean) as I can’t find a paste icon. Can anyone help, please?

  13. Jamil Abubacar says:

    SERIOUSLY max using a galaxy tab on a ipad (hurl) box

  14. Staci says:

    I just got a Galaxy 2 and the Galaxy Tab OTG connection to use. I have tried both USB and SD cards and can not get either one to work. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  15. mr. vee says:

    Hello I bought a knock off about a year ago. It was working fine until today. It no longer detects when plugged in. It used to open My Files and have a USB icon in the bottom right.

    Now, nothing. I tried rebooting. Nothing.

    Is there a setting for detection?



  16. Darlene Halbrook says:

    Can someone please email me and tell me how to use the Galaxy Tab OTG Connection. I attached it to my tablet and nothing comes up. I’m new to all this stuff. I have some SD Cards and USB Flash I would like to pull up. If someone could walk me through this I would greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day

  17. gautam says:

    does this OTG device is compatible with samsung tab 3 7.0 (8gb). Because i have tried lots of cables & device but they does not support. So plz reply me

  18. Merri says:

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  19. sergy says:

    Please My tab p7500 isnt recognized by windows and Odin van that otg USB help me to copy and deodexed ROM inside My internal memory through twrp since and i can still access it and download mode? Please help me My tap is breaked

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